These tall, slender, slightly androgenous figures, each cradle a small stone. 

They are Inspired by the notion of a world under threat from pollution and global warming and express a desire to protect and preserve our environment - perhaps even the very stones beneath our feet.


The figures are cast in white porcelain and mounted on granit blocks. Each figure is unique and although they vary slightly in size, stand approximately 42 centimetres tall.

Prices range from £240 each -please contact for details


'Tribal'' is an ongoing series. These simple 'nieve' but expressive figures, with their distinctive hair, include quiet individuals or groups of figures 'hanging out' together - at play, etc. As an ardent 'people watcher' I am intrigued by human interactions and cross cultural similarities. We might all be described as 'tribal' whatever our race or social group.


These figures range from 15cm up to about 45cm. I also want to include much larger figures in the future.


The figures are fired stoneware, with red terracotta hair and garments in mixed media. Most wear a copper wrist or ankle band - a kind of ''tribal tag' rather like a bird or animal might have. The figures range from approximately 20 - 30 centimetres in height/length.

Prices - please contact me for details.