'Force of Anger'  This piece is not for sale.
Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Macedonia, Skopje.
3 Large (2m by 1.5m), suspended steel panels shot through.


I created this piece in Macedonia following the close of the Kosovo war and the subsequent internal conflict within Macedonia itself, reflecting how prejudice and ethnic group isolation feeds anger, the root of conflict in the Balkans. The three triangular forms represent the nations involved: Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia. The piece was exhibited at a national exhibition bringing together artists from all ethnic groups as a declaration of unity and friendship


'Stone Hanging'

Pebbles of various sizes, individually woven in copper and silver wire 'holders' and suspended over a large (1.5m) steel dish of water. The inspiration for this work was the idea of preservation of  simple, common-place elements of a planet threatened with ecological disaster.


'Women Gathering'

Numerous ceramic figures. These individual figures are simple, faceless, female forms. They were inspired by notions of identity, dress-code and the relationships between women.





'Confidences' & 'Sharing'' are two examples of what was an extentensive body of work.


LIke 'Women Gathering', which was related to this 'women' series, it explores notions of  identity, dress and the relationships between women.


The peices were initially cast simply in plaster but later pieces are ceramic.


'Portrait: Petar Hadzi Boskov'  2002.  Bronze. Not for sale but commissions of similar welcome.

Petar Hadzi Boskov is an acclaimed Macedonian sculptor living and working in Skopje. We became friends while I was working there between 1998 - 2001.


'Rebekah'   Bronze not for sale but commissions of similar welcome.

A portrait of my daughter.