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Octopus 1 (top) earthenware £340  plus p&p.  (approximately  30cm - 50 cm)

Octopus 2 and 3 earthenware £320 each plus p&p

Amazing, intelligent creatures, with the ability to change their colouring to camouflage with their environment and also to express mood. Octopus are capable of hiding in the smallest spaces and are also able to squeeze through very narrow gaps. 

They are on the endangered list because they are fished widely for culinary purposes and also for their ink which, as with the cuttlefish, is used for food and paint dyes.



'Hermit Crabs'
Earthenware and mixed media on slate. - £225 plus p&p
'Hermit Crab1'
'Hermit Crab 2'
'Hermit Crab 3'

These amazing creatures wear their shell-home on their back and have been known to decorate their shells with seaweed or other debris. As they grow, they will look for a new shell and will often borrow or steal shells from other crabs.  With high levels of plastic now polluting our oceans, I thought it likely that if a suitable shell was not available then a plastic bottle might suffice!

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