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Great news... once again, I  have exhibited at Mall Galleries, London with the Royal Society of British Artists! The exhibition ran from 3rd - 12th March, 2022. 

This is the fourth time I have exhibited at Mall Galleries in a national exhibition. With over 2500 submissions, of which only some 200 are selected, I feel so proud to have my work chosen. 

'We Guardians Three'

'We Guardians Three' White porcelain and stones mounted on black slate. Price: £507

Last year I exhibited 'Siamese Fighting Fish' 
Porcelain and painted silk mounted on slate. Price £350 each.
These exquisite creatures are widely exploited for their fierce aggression when faced by other males when they will fight to the death. 

'Red Siamese Fighting Fish'
'Blue Siamese Fighting Fish'
September- October 2020
blue cuttlefish
In September - October 2020, I exhibited three of my sculptures (see 'Blue Cuttlefish' above) at Mall Galleries, London, in the Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual exhibition. See more under the menu heading 'Sealife sculptures - cuttlefish'. This is the second time I had my work selected, in 2018, I exhibited 'Octopus 1' with the RSMA, click on 'Octopusses and Crabs' on menu heading ' Sealife sculptures'.
'Making a Mark' is a top art blog for artists and art lovers: news about major art competitions and exhibitions, interviews with artists, techniques and tips for art and business. I was delighted that they noted my work: "I loved Elaine Milford's cuttlefish in different colours... " 
A bit about me....
I am a British painter and sculptor who has worked and exhibited both in the U.K and abroad.
Here's a brief summary of my experience abroad. While In Prague, I exhibited 'Chrysalis', an installation piece, at Gucci, central Prague, for a month.  In Northern Macedonia, I exhibited widely with my friend and artist, Reshat Ameti, along with many other local artists. Back in 2000, I was invited to exhibit at the National Museum of Contemporary Art's  'I and the Other' exhibition, bringing together artists from many ethnic groups after the conclusion of the Kosovo war and N.Macedonia's own internal conflict. My piece 'Force of Anger'  (view by clicking Earlier Work on menu) became part of the gallery's permanent collection. While in Slovenia, I was artist in residence' at the then 'Imprima' Gallery, based in Ljubljana, for a year and then a further six months at Gallery Zula. During my time there, I exhibited with many  well known local artists from the region. In Venice, I was invited to design the set for English Theatre in Venice's production of 'Much Ado About Nothing', at Teatro Fondamenta Nuova.
Since moving to Wales, at the end 2013, I set up my studio and have since exhibited with many local artists.